Industrial felt / Specialty felt

Industrial Felt uses the natural properties of wool, natural fibers, to produce a product of the required density, thickness and standards, with appropriate temperature, pressure and humidity.
Industrial felt / Specialty felt
INDUSTRIAL FELT does not have any chemicals included but wool. It is used for industrial applications such as automobile parts, gaskets and ships after various processing depending on the application.

Special felt is a product made from heat-resistant or chemical-resistant special fibers. It is used for OA office supplies, flame prevention, fire-proof / bulletproof, and fire fighting garments.
Sound Absorption (function to absorb noise), Polishing (surface gloss on metal products), Oil Seal (prevent friction and damage of the metal products by using the oil seal), Filterability (filters tiny particles), Flame Retardant, Shock Absorption

Sound Absorption + Polishing + Oil Seal + Filterability

  • Polishing & Grinding : Shinwon felt's abrasive felts are made with the highest grade of wool extruded to the highest resistant, excellent in polishing and grinding.
  • Ship Industry : Used for vessel components like Gaskets, Pads, Oil seals, Silencers, and etc.
  • Automotive : Functions as sound absorption in noise generated by the vehicles, such as (external wind noise, road noise, engine sound, and etc.). Also functions as sealants that occur in trim, console box, door box, and etc. It is manufactured in both adhesive tapes and molding methods.
  • Steel Industry : Used for Anti-scratch and protection pads for metals, non-ferrous metals and etc.
  • Flame Retardant : Carbon fiber is a substitute for fiberglass and asbestos that does not melt easily and protects its users from thermal hazards and danger of accidents.